A horoscope, or birth star chart, is a personal map; it tracks, in the case of your own natal chart, the planetary influences affecting your birthplace, at the moment you took your first breath. Drawn in a map as unique as your fingerprints, these influences find expression in the course you take throughout the whole of your life.

It is not wrong to say that we live our present in future, since we all live our present according to how we wish our future to be. From the time immemorially unknown mankind has been mystified by the unknown and accepted the challenge of turning into a known entity. Though the modern science has not yet achieved this feat, yet the ancient Indian science of stars. 'The Jyotish' or what we know as astrology has helped the man unravel the mystery.

Astrology is a complex methodology, and the sum total of planetary positions in the natal chart of an individual. It is the closest one can get to an accurate reading of an individual's future. Among all the Sciences and Arts, Astrology helps in revealing the true facets of the psyche and destiny of a man or woman, but to a certain extent. Many eminent scientists like Kepler, Copernicus and Newton believed that the heavenly bodies held powerful influence for good or bad from birth till death.

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Astrology is an indicative science and no fatalism is implied. Past, present and future are imbedded in the womb of Almighty Time and Astrology is merely a diagnostic tool to understand the workings of Time Eternal. It is the application of the Law of Probability, based on astronomical facts. Cosmos, a grand clock with wheels within wheels clicks ceaselessly throughout our life journey and governs its patterns. A horoscope chart which we refer to very many times in our lives is just a small time slice of the vast cosmic performance.

The most widely practiced branch of Astrology is 'natal' astrology which analysis a person's total profile. By studying the planetary arrangements on your personal natal chart, astrology discovers specific information in order to help you direct your life with greater success. It provides the means of ordering and understanding your experiences, strengths as well as weaknesses.

Besides this another form of astrology that is practiced is "mundane astrology" i.e. the astrology of world affairs. This form of astrology examines the world events and charts of public figures. Then they determine how the future world would be owing to the occurrence of certain events and coming into limelight of certain public figures. One may ask "Why Mundane Astrology?" The answer is simple, because world affairs in one way or the other affect each of ours lives. This specialized field of astrology also deals with matters like weather, catastrophes, national and international affairs etc.